Corporate Wellness

Problems faced by Corporates

  • Health issues increase financial loss for the employer
    • Lost productivity due to employee illness/relapse
    • Increase cost of claims on insurance
  • No easy channel to track/engage with employees who need care

Problems faced by Employees

  • Lack of personalized health management either through technology, health care professionals, or family
  • Community support missing in health management and recovery
  • ‘Medication non-adherence’ is extremely high(75% don’t complete dosage in US)
  • Lack of a common platform that connects people with similar medical issues.

What we recommend

Healthvings Family Health Manager

  • Health coach to track & monitor real -time health of family members
  • Regime planning for chronic and complicated health conditions
  • Call center for tracking for elderly members
  • Regular family health reports
  • Symptom tracking for preventive care
  • Community platform for connecting with like minded patients
  • Counselling sessions for chronic care

Why we work

Impact of Health Management

Medical Adherence and Timely intervention (US statistics)

Regular managed care Irregular care
Diabetic Hospitalisation 13% 30%
Hypertension Hospitalisation 19% 28%
Healthcare costs ~$8800 ~$16,500
Mortality Rate 1x 2x