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My parents have been looking for a suitable alliance for me for the last few months. But for some reason a few of my relatives have them convinced that because i am diabetic (from a very young age) it will be difficult for them to get any good proposals. I do not know how this affects my ability to take care of my wife and be a good husband, but has this ever happened to anyone else also?

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So i have been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. And most events in the  start up industry have alcohol and it is getting very hard to socialise without drinking. What do other people in my situation do? Please do share.

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My doc has asked me to take up some form of exercise to keep my diet in control. I am not really the jogging or walking sorts because i do not have the discipline for that. Thinking of joining a class so that then because i paid i will go. So i was exploring different options and thought maybe yoga could be one. Does it really help?

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I know it is a condition that a lot of people live with, but i am feeling very depressed since i have been diagnosed. Anything i can do to help the situation?

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