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I am bored of usual oats and cornflakes without sugar and all that. I want to know what all indian breakfast recipes i can teach my cook so that i can eat tasty food and no one will nag me about it being too unhealthy.

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I feel there are many solutions in ayurveda which helps keep sugar under control. I remember someone telling me karela (bittergoud) is very good. Has anyone actually tried and felt some results?

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I feel very guilty when i eat white rice in the afternoon for lunch. So, after a quick google search i got to know that brown rice is better for diabetics i started taking that instead with other south indian preparations (like sambar, rasam and curd) . But the taste and texture is very different and it does not exactly compliment the side dishes. Looking for a substitute that is similar to rice but to be taken with south indian meals.

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Ok so i love fruits but recently i read an article on the internet that said that even fruits have a high sugar content and i was only aware that we were supposed to avoid only banana as a diabetic. But when i eat watermelon sometimes i feel its really sweet to taste as well. Does it make a big difference ?

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