Type 2 Diabetes, India

Type 2 diabetes is growing alarmingly in India, Ominously, obesity is reaching epidemic proportions among India's middle-class children and adolescents, as young people choose Western fast food over traditional cuisine. Join our support group to see how people improve their day to day lifestyle and make small changes to keep their diabetes under control.

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So i have been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. And most events in the  start up industry have alcohol and it is getting very hard to socialise without drinking. What do other people in my situation do? Please do share.

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I am searching for a good gift for my dad. He is 63 and has been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Looking for something that can help him.

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Ok so i love fruits but recently i read an article on the internet that said that even fruits have a high sugar content and i was only aware that we were supposed to avoid only banana as a diabetic. But when i eat watermelon sometimes i feel its really sweet to taste as well. Does it make a big difference ?

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