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"Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus affects over 6% of the total population of India. Patients with high blood sugar will typically experience frequent urination, they will become increasingly thirsty and hungry. Join our support group/community and find out how a big section of the population manages their day to day and deal with these and many other symptoms of diabetes and live a lifestyle best suited for this disease."

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How to control diabetes fasting?

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My parents have been looking for a suitable alliance for me for the last few months. But for some reason a few of my relatives have them convinced that because i am diabetic (from a very young age) it will be difficult for them to get any good proposals. I do not know how this affects my ability to take care of my wife and be a good husband, but has this ever happened to anyone else also?

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Was just wondering, in your experience which hospitals are the best to go to if your are diabetic patient.

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I am taking my parents on a road trip of Tamil Nadu because they have always wanted to go to different temple towns in this state. My dad is diabetic, so is there something i should keep in mind to see to it that he has a good time without any problems while we are on the road?

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So i have been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. And most events in the  start up industry have alcohol and it is getting very hard to socialise without drinking. What do other people in my situation do? Please do share.

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I know this sounds a bit silly but my dad has diabetes and now i have become a bit paranoid. I really crave sugar when i am working and there is this box of biscuits i keep on my desk. I really eats loads of them sometimes when i do not have time for a meal especially and now i am a bit worried. Is there any irreparable damage that is done here?

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typically diabetic dont go to doctors and prefer to continue medicines given by doctors.

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I am bored of usual oats and cornflakes without sugar and all that. I want to know what all indian breakfast recipes i can teach my cook so that i can eat tasty food and no one will nag me about it being too unhealthy.

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My doc has asked me to take up some form of exercise to keep my diet in control. I am not really the jogging or walking sorts because i do not have the discipline for that. Thinking of joining a class so that then because i paid i will go. So i was exploring different options and thought maybe yoga could be one. Does it really help?

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I feel if it is on my phone all the time i will be more careful about my diet. Any recommendations?

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I am searching for a good gift for my dad. He is 63 and has been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Looking for something that can help him.

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I feel very guilty when i eat white rice in the afternoon for lunch. So, after a quick google search i got to know that brown rice is better for diabetics i started taking that instead with other south indian preparations (like sambar, rasam and curd) . But the taste and texture is very different and it does not exactly compliment the side dishes. Looking for a substitute that is similar to rice but to be taken with south indian meals.

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I am type 2 diabetic patient since last one year. Had a recent observation. I was scheduled for a blood sugar check-up. I thought of taking the test in the morning and then rush to office. There was an important meeting that I needed to preside and certainly had to be on time. Got stuck in the traffic in such a position that was not able to reach the diagnostic center nor turn back for office. I was feeling miserable. Ultimately I landed to the diagnostic center thinking that will still make it to the meeting on time. Blood sample was collected. My glucose level was much high than what it showed in my previous report. I was under medication plus on controlled diet as advised by my physician. Was just think if this could be due to anxiety? Can you please respond back with inputs from your expert team.




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My mother is a diabetic but she is always eating sweets and when i do not nag her she forgets to take her medicines on time! Want to find ways to tackle this as i now live with them and want to help.

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Ok so i love fruits but recently i read an article on the internet that said that even fruits have a high sugar content and i was only aware that we were supposed to avoid only banana as a diabetic. But when i eat watermelon sometimes i feel its really sweet to taste as well. Does it make a big difference ?

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