About Healthvings

Helping Each Other is The Best Aspect Of Being Human

Being able to relate to a person or situation comes very easily. It is in fact the reason for most friendships to form and last.

So why not replicate this feeling that comes very naturally and easily to us, to help people get healthier.
It is really that simple, if you feel like you have a friend in all this who understands exactly what you are going through, things get so much easier to deal with.
Healthvings peer to peer community focuses on bringing people to connect and ask questions and share experiences. This helps people deal with the day-to-day aspect of their illness and bring the missing support of community back into getting better, together.

Why would i talk about my illness to random strangers?

What are trying to achieve with Healthvings is fairly simple. Create a platform where people can get a lot of information from peers which beyond a point their doctors/family or friends cannot give them. Emotional wellbeing, healthcare logistics, financial advice, doctor and hospitals recommendations and many more features for complete health management. Not just this even tips on managing the disease “How they do it”.
With India having over 62 million diabetics (with 2 million year on year increase), Healthvings is pioneering this platform with a key focus on Diabetes. We are looking to help those who are looking for a lot of information on the internet, especially in a language they are comfortable in.
So, register on our platform today and get information on day to day health and lifestyle topics, trending community question and answer of the day, hospital listings and location information and even recipes suitable for different diets.
Contact us: for any query you may have and write to us at – admin@healthvings.in
Find us at: The Space, 197, 6th Main, 1st Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038.