Say hello to tasty, guilt free snacks for Diabetics.

Being diabetic doesn’t necessarily mean you’re relegated to munching on what resembles sawdust slapped together in the form of a cracker. Here are our favorite snacks that are deliciously diabetes friendly and totally doc approved…
Homemade Popcorn
Popcorn is rich in fibre, low on calories and fares reasonably on the carb scale making it an ideal snack for diabetics. Just remember to make your popcorn at home with as little oil as possible and go easy on the seasoning.
Ragi Chips
With their high content of dietary fibers and polyphenols, ragi chips slow the pace of digestion and help keep you full for longer. What’s more, their low GI makes them an ideal choice to keep blood sugar regulated and those midnight cravings at bay.
Apple slices with Peanut Butter
While apples alone are a great filler, adding a bit of low sugar peanut butter sure hits the right spot!
Hummus with veggie sticks
Protein from hummus will keep you feeling full, and the fiber from the non-starchy vegetables will keep your blood glucose levels from spiking.
Sweet potato fries
The goodness of fries, at a fraction of the GI compared to regular potatoes!
Tomatoes with cubes of feta
A fresh and refreshing snack if you’re looking for a mid afternoon pick me up. The lycopene in tomatoes not only helps lower blood sugar, but also lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol levels.
Homemade Dhokla
Light on the stomach, yet nutritious as it’s fermented, dhoklas are a great option to keep those munchies at bay.
Oats upma
Great for days when you’re feeling extra peckish.

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