5 things to do if you cheat on your diabetic diet!

Woman eating cake

Woman eating cake

Who doesn’t love a beer with friends? Unfortunately, we can pretty much all admit to being in the situation where that first beer turns into another and that into another and before you know it you’ve ended up indulging in night of binge drinking.
Now, this can be hard enough on anyone’s body, but as a diabetic, the consequences go far beyond a nasty hangover the next morning. Be it alcohol or a case of overindulging in mithai over Diwali; here’s what you should do if you find yourself in this sort of a situation.

While the occasional indulgence shouldn’t have a serious negative effect on your health, repeatedly doing so can be extremely harmful. If you seem to have fallen off the bandwagon, these steps should get you back on track pronto

Forgive yourself

Everyone slips occasionally. As long as you’ve not made yourself seriously sick (read: put yourself in a diabetic shock or coma) by overdoing it, do not beat yourself up. Just focus on moving on.

Do not skip meals

Once you’ve gotten over the fact that you overindulged, it might seem like a great idea to offset the extra calories you consumed by skipping a meal (or two!). Do not, we repeat, do not do this. The only thing this is going to do is to cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate wildly. Besides, you run the risk of consuming excess calories when you actually do end up eating.

Hit the gym

Whether you can actually hit the gym or not, make sure you get moving. This will help you burn the excess calories and get you back on track. Try working while standing up, take your calls pacing up and down the conference room or climb a couple of flights of steps a few times during the day to offset the damage you’ve done.

Watch what you eat

If you’ve over eaten during breakfast or lunch, the great news is that you’ve got a good part of the day to digest those calories and make amends. Make sure you fill up with smaller meals consisting of healthier foods so as to not spike your blood sugar levels again.

Test your levels

Make sure you test your blood sugar levels more frequently than you normally do just to make sure things are getting on track.

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