What Sonam Kapoor isn’t Telling You!

What do Sonam Kapoor, Fawad Khan and Tom Hanks have in common? Besides being acclaimed actors, these celebrities manage their hectic lives and chronic disease admirably.
Want to know how?
Long working hours, living out of a suitcase and jet setting to a different location as frequently as the rest of us change our sheets isn’t easy, especially as a diabetic actor in constant public scrutiny. Here’s the low down on how these celebrities cope with their disease.
Bollywood’s favourite fashionista, Sonam Kapoor has struggled with diabetes since her overweight teenage years and shies away from discussing it. However, by strictly staying away from alcohol, taking medication and working out religiously, this beauty keeps her diabetes at bay.
Pakistani actor, Fawad Khan, was diagnosed with diabetes at the young age of just 17. A strict diet that includes very few high glycemic index carbs, loads of lean protein and vegetables keeps him fighting fit. To make sure he’s symptom free, he maintains regular meal timings, is consistent with his exercise regime and takes regular doses of supplemental insulin.
Celebrated actor, Tom Hanks has a very simple philosophy when it comes to his diabetes – to just weigh as much as he did in high school! To do so, the actor maintains an effective diet coupled with regular exercise.
Bond bombshell, Halle Berry found out she was diabetic when she fainted on set. While her condition isn’t totally under control, regular injections of insulin and a major diet overhaul keep her in check.
So there you have it folks, if despite their punishing schedules, these celebrities can keep diabetes from controlling their life, so can you!

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    Good morning reguler exercise, healthy breafast with (nutrition) time to time eat food and drink more water

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