Hitting the supermarket? Here are 5 items you need to delete off your list ASAP!

Whether you’ve got type I or type II diabetes, here’s a list of the top 5 foods you should definitely stay away from!

White Bread

One of the top-offending culprits, nothing spikes those insulin levels as does carb-loaded white bread. Switch to a multigrain version with flax seeds if bread is a must.

Artificial Fruit Juice

Fruit juice, especially the artificial store bought kind is virtually pure sugar and must be avoided at all costs. Even fresh pressed juices can cause huge fluctuations in blood sugar levels and should not be consumed.


While it may not appear so, dried fruit actually contains a ton of hidden sugar with raisins toping the list of the worst offenders.


Pasta made purely from refined white flour is a sure shot way of bumping up your sugar levels and is best avoided altogether.

Red Meat

Fatty portions of pork, beef or mutton are not good for diabetics. As a diabetic, you are already at a risk of heart diseases and eating high cholesterol foods such as red meat makes you all the more more prone to heart diseases.
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